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This is the list of Actors from the cast of the All In The Family television series.

  • Rob Reiner - played Mike Stivic, Gloria's husband, Archie's meathead son-in-law
  • Mike Evans - appeared as Lionel Jefferson, son of George and Louise Jefferson. the Black next door neighbors in seasons 1-4
  • Isabel Sanford - appeared as Louise Jefferson, wife of George and mother of Lionel Jefferson. the Black next door neighbors in seasons 1-4
  • Mel Stewart - appeared as Henry Jefferson, brother of George Jefferson and Louise Jefferson's brother-in-law, equally bigoted as Archie, appears in seasons 1-3
  • Sherman Hemsley - appeared as George Jefferson, a local dry cleaner, and Archie's arch enemy, loud-mouthed, husband Louise Jefferson. the Black next door neighbors in seasons 3-4
  • Allan Melvin - appeared as Barney Hefner, friend and neighbor of Archie's in season 3-9
  • Betty Garrett - played Irene Lorenzo, friend of Edith and nemisis of Archie who lives in the neighboorhood who appears in seasons 3-4
  • Billy Halop - appeared as Munson, a taxicab driver and owner of Munson's Cab Service in seasons 2 - 6
  • Bea Arthur - appeared as Maude Findlay, Edith's opiniated, outspoken liberal cousin, Archie's political view nemisis, appears in two episodes in seasons 1 and 2
  • Bill Macy - appeared as Walter Findlay, husband of Maude who appears in the episodes with Maude cast
  • Gloria LeRoy - appeared in several episodes as Mildred "Boom Boom Turner", waitress at Kelsey's/Archie Bunker's Place in seasons 4-7
  • Lori Shannon - appears as Beverly La Salle, a transvestite entertainer, who appeared in three episodes in seasons 6-7
  • Eugene Roche - appeared as Pinky Peterson, friend of Archie and fellow logde member in seasons 6-8

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