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This season episode guide is for the first season of Archie Bunker's Place listing all the episodes aired during the 1979-80 season.


  • No. = Overall episode number
  • Ep = Episode number by season

[edit]Season 1: 1979–80Edit

No. Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
1 1 "Archie's New Partner: Part 1" Paul Bogart Patt Shea,

Harriett Weiss

23 September 1979
Archie decides to expand his bar, Archie Bunker's Place, into a restaurant. In the meantime, Harry has decided to sell his half of the bar to Jewish liberal Murray Klein. Archie, being the bigot he is, tries in vain to get a loan to buy Harry out.
2 2 "Archie's New Partner: Part 2" Paul Bogart Bob Schiller,Bob Weiskopf 23 September 1979
Harry finalizes the sale of his half to Murray Klein, much to Archie's chagrin. However, Archie must come to grips with the fact that he has a new partner. Murray also discovers that there is more to Archie than his bigoted exterior.
3 3 "Edith Gets Hired" Paul Bogart Patt Shea,

Harriett Weiss

30 September 1979
Edith, who has been jobless since she got fired from the Sunshine Home, has gotten a job as recreational assistant at the Rego Park Center for the Mentally Ill. However, Archie has decided that he thinks that Edith should not be working.
4 4 "Archie and the Oldest Profession" Paul Bogart Milt Josefsberg,Bill Larkin 7 October 1979
Archie's Place has acquired a new regular customer, Dottie. However, Archie and Murray discover that she is a prostitute and is conducting her business at the bar. This is bad for the bar's image. How can they convince her to leave?
5 5 "Edith Versus the Energy Crisis" Paul Bogart Patt Shea,

Harriett Weiss

14 October 1979
The energy crisis has become a big problem. The bar is freezing cold and Edith has been preserving as much energy as possible at home as well. Soon, Archie is suffering as well, when the frigid conditions give him a case of strep throat.
6 6 "Bosom Partners" Carroll O'Connor,Jon Sharp Bob Schiller,

Bob Weiskopf

21 October 1979
Archie is in trouble with the State of New York when he is charged with non-payment of sales tax and questionable record keeping. Now it's up to Murray to save Archie and the bar by trying to romance the tax agent.
7 7 "Building the Restaurant" Bob LaHendro Milt Josefsberg,

Bill Larkin, Jerry Ross

28 October 1979
Construction on the restaurant is underway, but the contractor Archie and Murray hired is demanding more money. Archie, who is determined that the restaurant will be a success, goes to a loan shark.
8 8 "The Cook" Lila Garrett Richard Baer,Milt Josefsberg,

Gail Liberti-Kennedy

4 November 1979
Archie and Murray hire short-order cook Veronica Rooney, but she insists that her gay nephew be hired as waiter. Archie's strong feelings on homosexuality present a problem.
9 9 "Murray and the Liquor Board" Dick Martin Patt Shea,

Harriett Weiss

11 November 1979
In a protest march against the use of napalm in Vietnam, Murray punched a cop. Although it has been pardoned, his "criminal record" may cost the bar its liquor license.
10 10 "Thanksgiving Reunion: Part 1" Paul Bogart Patt Shea,

Harriett Weiss

18 November 1979

Mike and Gloria Stivic and little Joey come back to New York to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Bunkers. But Mike's got some devastating secrets to hide: He's been fired from his professor's job in Santa Barbara for participating in a nude protest of a nuclear power plant. This has put a further strain on the Stivics' already faltering marriage.

Note: This two-part episode was originally broadcast as a one-hour special.

11 11 "Thanksgiving Reunion: Part 2" Paul Bogart Bob Schiller,

Bob Weiskopf

18 November 1979
The Stivics wonder how they will cope with Mike being jobless. Mike goes to Archie to air his grievances, and in a show of sympathy and support, he decides to loan him some money until he can find another job.
12 12 "Barney and the Hooker" Frank Corsaro Bob Schiller,

Bob Weiskopf

25 November 1979
Dottie (from episode No. 3) has been arrested for prostitution. Murray bails her out and talks Archie into hiring her as a waitress to try to keep her out of trouble. However, trouble finds her when now-divorcee Barney Hefner falls in love and proposes.
13 13 "Man of the Year" Carroll O'Connor,

Jon Sharp

George Balzer,Sam Perrin 2 December 1979
An old high school buddy of Archie's (who is also a con man) comes to town to inform Archie that he has been elected Man of the Year.
14 14 "The Shabbat Dinner" Paul Bogart Bob Schiller,

Bob Weiskopf

9 December 1979
Edith and Stephanie are preparing a Shabbat dinner, a dinner eaten on the Jewish sabbath. They invite Archie's partner, Murray and his non-Jewish girlfriend. Unbeknownst to him, Edith also invites his mother, who feels that Murray should only be dating Jewish women.
15 15 "Barney's Lawsuit" Lila Garrett Milt Josefsberg,

Jerry Ross

16 December 1979
When Barney's bar stool collapses while he is sitting on it, Archie is afraid he will try to sue.
16 16 "Blanche and Murray" Peter Bonerz Bob Schiller,

Bob Weiskopf

30 December 1979
Barney's ex-wife Blanche comes back to town, and is as sex-crazy as ever. She now goes after Murray, infuriating Barney.
17 17 "Murray's Daughter" Carroll O'Connor,

Jon Sharp

Carroll O'Connor,

Patt Shea, Harriett Weiss

6 January 1980

Murray's estranged daughter suddenly shows up with a Puerto Rican husband and children on the way.

Note: Murray's daughter is played by Martin Balsam's real-life daughter, Talia Balsam.

18 18 "The Ambush" Peter Bonerz Bob Schiller,

Bob Weiskopf

27 January 1980
The neighborhood has had a sudden rash of burglaries, and Archie and Murray are afraid the bar will be the next target.
19 19 "The Return of Sammy" Dick Martin Richard Baer,

Bill Larkin

3 February 1980

Archie's "old friend" Sammy Davis, Jr. is in town appearing on a talk show. Archie calls him up and invites him to the bar.

Note: This episode is a sequel of sorts to the All in the Family episode "Sammy's Visit."

20 20 "Archie Fixes Up Fred" Dick Martin Gail Liberti-Kennedy,

Patt Shea, Harriett Weiss

10 February 1980
Customers have been complaining about Veronica's nephew, Fred the gay waiter, so Archie decides that he can convert him by setting him up on a date with a pretty girl.
21 21 "Father and Daughter Night" Dick Martin Bob Schiller,

Bob Weiskopf

17 February 1980
Murray steps in when Archie refuses to appear in the father and daughter talent show at Stephanie's school.
22 22 "Van Ranseleer's Operation" Joe Gannon Richard Baer,

Bill Larkin, Patt Shea, Harriett Weiss

2 March 1980
When Archie and the guys at the bar read in the paper that there might be a cure for Mr. Van Ranseleer's blindness, they pool their efforts and money so he can have the operation.
23 23 "Veronica's Ex" Jon Sharp Larry Rhine,

Mel Tolkin

9 March 1980
Veronica's ex-husband (Jerry Stiller) comes back to town, and Veronica falls for him all over again.
24 24 "A Small Mafia Favor" Alex March Nate Monaster,

Larry Rhine, Mel Tolkin

23 March 1980
An old friend of Murray's comes to visit, but he's also a crime kingpin. When Murray unknowingly signals the death of a rival mob boss, Archie fears retaliation.

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