"Archie Eats and Runs"
Season 4, episode # 21
# 82 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All In The Family" episode
Series: All In The Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date February 16, 1974
Production code
Written by Paul Wayne & George Burditt
Directed by: John Rich
Guest starring
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Archie Eats and Runs was the 21st episode of the fourth season and the 82nd overall episode of All In The Family. The Season 4 episode first aired on CBS-TV on February 16, 1974. Co-written by Paul Wayne and George Burditt, the episode was directed by John Rich.


Archie eats some mushrooms for lunch. Later, he learns those mushrooms may be part of a product recall because they were in a batch laced with bacteria. Despite Mike's urging, Archie decides he doesn't want to bother with taking the rest of the cans of mushrooms back to the store ... or worry himself with the fact he may have food poisoning.

Plot summaryEdit

The whole Bunker household is thrown into an uproar -- and the cause of it all is a dish of stew. Believing that he has eaten poison mushrooms, Archie is convinced he is at death's door. Richard Stahl and Jane Dulo head the supporting cast as Archie's doctor and nurse, respectively. Written by Michael Ross and Bernie West, "Archie Eats and Runs" first aired on February 16, 1974, a few weeks after series regular Jean Stapleton won a Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Comedy/musical Series." Notes: Richard Stahl appears as Archie's doctor. Joe George appears as Joe Duffy. Jane Dulo appear as a nurse.

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