Billy Sands
Billy Sands
actor Billy Sands, shown here on the 1960's CBS-TV series "McHale's Navy", provided the voice of Stretch Cunningham in the Season 3 AITF episode "Archie in the Cellar".
Personal Information
Born: (1911-01-06)January 6, 1911
Birthplace: Bergen, New York, U.S.
Died: August 24, 1984(1984-08-24) (aged 73)
Deathplace: Los Angeles, California, U.S.
TV actor/voice artist
Character/Series involvement
Series: All In The Family
Episodes appeared in
(and/or) involved with:
"Archie in the Cellar" (Season 3)
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Billy Sands (January 6, 1911 - August 27, 1984) was a character actor who appeared as a regular on The Phil Silvers Show (Sgt Bilko) as Pvt. Dino Papparelli and was a regular on McHale's Navy as Harrison "Tinker" Bell. He also made guest-starring roles on many other television series, including Car 54, Where Are You?, All In The Family (where he provided the voice of Stretch Cunningham in the Season 3 episode "Archie in the Cellar"), Here's Lucy, Happy Days, and The Odd Couple. Billy also appeared in one of the opening scenes of Rocky as a booker for the fighters.

Sands, who died in Los Angeles, was interred at and is buried in Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Culver City, CA.

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