Dr. Wynell Thatcher, M.D.
Dr. Wynell Thatcher
Surgeon Dr. Thatcher must donate her blood to Archie before his gall bladder operation in the episode "Archie's Operation".
Personal Information
Nationality West Indian
Assisting surgeon who ends up giving reluctant Archie a much needed blood transfusion.
Character information
Appeared on: All In The Family
Character played by: Vinnette Carroll
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Dr. Wynell Thatcher is the surgeon who assisted Dr. Seymour Shapiro, the Bunker family physician, in performing a gall bladder operation on Archie in the episode "Archie's Operation" in season 7 of All In The Family. The part of Dr. Thatcher was played by late veteran stage/film actress Vinnette Carroll.

About Dr. ThatcherEdit

During the "Archie's Operation" episode, Archie must receive a precautionary reserve of donated blood before his gall bladder surgery. As it turns out, Dr. Thatcher, a woman of West Indian descent, is the only available donor with the matching rare blood type (AB-). Archie, predictably, is not pleased with the prospect of receiving blood from a black woman.

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