Eddie Frazier
Eddie Fraxier AITF
William Windom appeared as Eddie Frazier, one of Archie's old Army platoon buddies in the first season of "All In The Family".




Self-Made Millionaire

Relationship to AITF characters

One of Archie's old Army platoon friends in WWII

Character played by

William Windom

Appears in

the AITF episode "Success Story" in Season 1

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Eddie Frazier was a World War II buddy of Archie who visits him the the season one episode titled "Success Story". Eddie was played by veteran actor William Windom, who is perhaps best known for his extensive work on television, including guest appearances on Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, Murder, She Wrote, Gunsmoke, and Matt Houston.

About EddieEdit

Eddie arrives after the other buddies, Billy Pendergast (Len Lesser), The Frouge Twins (they're unrelated!), Fred (Frank E. Ford) and Joe (George Savalas), with an elaborate gift for Archie. Eddie, who's by now a self-made millionaire, and all the talk among the other old platoon buddies, was invited by Archie as well as the rest of his old platoon for a reunion. Mike, who resents Eddie's wealth, questions what he has done for his fellow man, accuses Eddie of being "selfish and thoughtless". When Eddie arrives, Archie introduces him to the family. Eddie takes special interest in Mike, who reminds him of his own son. Eddie acts as the life of the party making jokes wiith Archie and the guys, but then slips off to use the phone. Mike overheard Eddie's phone conversation with his son, who hasn't spoken to his Dad in years, and doesn't want anything to do with him now. Eddie initially puts on a brave front for Mike about his call, but realizing Mike sees through it, he confesses the truth that he came to town to attempt to meet and reconcile with his son, but his son wants no part of it. Realizing that Eddie is a man with only material wealth but a dysfunctional family situation, Mike refuses to tell Archie. But while Eddie puts his brave front back on to be with the guys, he and Mike look at each other, and he crumbles, using laughter to hide his crying.

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