Edith's Friend
Season 5, episode # 21
# 106 overall in series (209 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date February 22, 1975
Production code
Written by Barry Harman and Harve Brosten
Directed by: H. Wesley Kenney
Guest starring
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Edith's Friend was the 21st episode of the fifth season and the 106th overall episode of All in the Family. It first aired on CBS-TV on February 22, 1975. Written by Barry Harman and Harve Brosten, it was directed by H. Wesley Kenney.


Edith attends a friend's wedding in Scranton, PA, despite Archie's complaints about the city being a dismantled wreck. When at the wedding, she catches the eye of her male admirer when she was a child and they both seem willing to get reacquainted.

Episode summary

Edith goes to Scranton to attend a family wedding and meets up with her aunts, who remind her of her cousin Roy, whom she knew as a child. Later, in a restaurant, Edith runs into cousin Roy and the two rekindle the old days. He makes it clear that they aren't really blood relatives and, without words, makes it understood that he is interested in her romantically. Edith becomes conflicted because she knows how charming Roy is.  Just before the wedding, Roy comes by her hotel room and the two share a dance together, but before things get too far, Edith fakes a phone call to Archie back home. Roy, out of respect, quietly leaves. Back home, Edith is touched that Archie missed her and while hugging him looks at the corsage that Roy gave her and throws it away.

Note: Ruth Manning guest stars as Aunt Rose, Tim O'Connor guest stars as Roy Johnson, and Jane Rose also guest stars as Aunt Clara.