"Edith Finds an Old Man"
Season 4, episode # 3
# 64 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All In The Family" episode
Series: All In The Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date September 29, 1973
Production code
Written by Don Nicholl
Directed by: John Rich and Bob LaHendro
Guest starring
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Edith Finds an Old Man is the third episode of the fourth season, and the 64th overall episode of All In The Family. The Season 4 episode first aired on CBS-TV on September 29, 1973. Derived from a story originally written by Susan Harris, it was co-written for AITF by Michael Ross and Bernie West. The episode was co-directed by John Rich and Bob LaHendro.

Burt Mustin makes his first series appearance in the role of feisty octogenarian Justin Quigley (a character that would become a recurring one on the series and, at age 82, was seven years younger than Mustin!). Ruth McDevitt likewise makes her first appearance as Justin's geriatric sweetheart, Josephine "Jo" Nelson (Ruth McDevitt).


Edith brings home an elderly man, Mr. Quigley, who ran away from the nursing home where he is a resident. Archie complains about the situation while Edith tries to contact the man's family.


Running away from a restrictive nursing home, Justin accepts Edith's invitation to temporarily move in with the Bunkers, which elicits the anticipated reaction from Archie.

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