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"Edith Writes a Song"
Season Two, episode # 4
# 17 overall in series (209 episodes)
Series: All In The Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date October 9, 1971
Production code 204
Written by Lee Kalcheim
Directed by: John Rich
Guest starring
IMDB Edith Writes a Song
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 Edith Writes a Song was the 17th overall episode and the fourth episode of aired during the Season 2 of CBS-TV's All In The Family. Written by Lee Kalcheim, and directed by John Rich, it was first telecast on October 9, 1971.


Edith wants to use the $30 collected in the family pot to get a song published but Archie has other buy a gun. While out at the movies they recieve a visit from a pair of robbers.

Plot SummaryEdit

Archie's insistence upon purchasing a gun to protect his household backfires when a couple of burglars named Coke and Horace break into the Bunker household. Keeping Archie at bay with his own gun, the two thieves reveal a lot about themselves -- and, in the course of the evening, genially encourage the disingenuous Edith to compose an impromptu ditty about her life.


The two cat burglars, "Horace" and "Coke", are played by Tony award-winning actor Cleavon Little and relative Hollywood newcomer Demond Wilson, who on the strength of this performance was soon cast as Lamont Sanford in the Norman Lear-produced hit NBC-TV sitcom Sanford and Son.

Recurring cast/charactersEdit

Guest starringEdit

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