Fr. John Majeski
Fr Majeski Edith Bunker
Edith (left) and Father Majeski (Barnard Hughes, right) in screenshot from the "AITF" episode "Edith's Accident" in Season 2




Catholic Priest at the Local parish in the Bunkers' neighborhood

Character played by

Barnard Hughes

All in the Family appearances

in "Edith's Accident" in Season 2
"Edith Flips Her Wig" in Season 3
"Edith's Conversion" in Season 4

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Father John Majeski was a Roman Catholic priest who appeared in three episodes All in the Family as the head priest of the local Catholic parish which Irene and Frank Lorenzo attends as it is revealed in the episode titled "Edith's Conversion" in Season 3, and whose car (it was one of the parishes cars) gets involved in a fender-bender with Edith in the episode "Edith's Accident" in Season 2. The part of Father Majeski was played by veteran character actor Barnard Hughes.

About the Father

Father Majeski, who first visits the Bunker home in the "Edith's Accident" episode to discuss payment for repairs to a parish car which he was driving in the fender-bender with Edith, agrees with Mike, Gloria and Edith to have Edith only pay on $14 which would be counted as a donation, and, which was the cost of the damage done by Edith in the accident, of the $197 which was estimated by a local mechanic for complete repairs to it. Archie, after thinking the cost to Edith was going to be the cost of all of the repairs, and being a cheapskate, initially argues with the Father, not wanting Edith to accept responsibility at all; an upset Father Majeski, upon departing the Bunker residence, quotes the words of scripture of the book of Proverbs "...Go from the presence of a foolish man when thou percieveth not in him the lips of knowledge...". When asked by Archie, what the hell does that mean?, the father, frustrated and miffed from haggling unesscessarliy with Archie, then retorts back, "It means, don't waste your time arguing with an idiot!"