"Flashback: Mike Meets Archie"
Season 2, episode # 5
# 18 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date October 16, 1971
Production code 203 (2x05)
Written by: Philip Mishkin and Rob Reiner
Directed by: John Rich
Guest starring: None
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Flashback: Mike Meets Archie is the fifth episode aired during the second season and the 18th overall episode of CBS-TV's All in the Family. The episode first aired on October 16, 1971. The episode, whose script was co-written by series co-star Rob Reiner and Philip Mishkin, was directed by John Rich.

"Flashback: Mike Meets Archie"
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On their first anniversary, Mike and Gloria reminisce (in flashback) the first time Gloria brought the Meathead home to meet the man that would become his father-in-law.

Plot summary

As indicated by the title of this episode (which is "bookended" by the celebration of Mike and Gloria's first anniversary), the viewer is taken back in time to the momentous first meeting between Archie Bunker and Michael "Meathead" Stivic. The fun is generated not only by Archie's outraged reaction at Gloria's hirsute hippie boyfriend (never before or since did Rob Reiner have so much hair), but also by the depiction of the pre-marriage Gloria as a curly headed, squeaky-voiced Junior Dingbat.