"Gloria Has a Bellyful"
Season 1, episode # 6
# 6 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date February 16, 1971
Production code 106 (1x06)
Written by: Jerry Mayer
Directed by: John Rich
Guest starring: Mike Evans
Holly Near
IMDb logo IMDb: Gloria Has a Bellyful"
also titled "Gloria Is Pregnant
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Gloria Has a Bellyful (also titled Gloria is Pregnant) is the 6th episode of the first season of All in the Family, and also the 6th overall episode of the series. Directed by John Rich, it first aired on CBS-TV on February 16, 1971.

"Gloria Has a Bellyful"
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Archie explodes when he learns that Gloria is pregnant.


Archie hits the roof when he learns Gloria is pregnant and unemployed college student husband Mike has no means to support his soon-to-be child. But just as he's changing his tune, Archie learns that Gloria became suddenly ill and suffered a miscarriage.


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