Horace and Coke
Horace and Duke
Black robbers Horace (Demond Wilson) and Coke (Cleavon Little) hide out in the Bunker home in the Season 1 episode of "AITF" titled "Edith Writes a Song".
Personal Information
Gender: Both Male
Two robbers who stumble onto the Bunker home while hiding out from police who intend to rob the home, until they meet Edith; they then get her to sing a jingle for which she won $30 for
Character information
Appeared on: All In The Family
Episodes appeared in: "Edith Writes a Song" in Season 1
Character played by: Demond Wilson and Cleavon Little
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Horace and Coke were two Black burglars who appear at the Bunker home in the Season 1 episode of All In The Family titled "Edith Writes a Song"..Demond Wilson, of NBC-TV's Sanford and Son series fame, appears as Horace, a robbery sidekick of Coke played by Cleavon Little, later of Blazing Saddles film fame.

About the burglarsEdit

When the two, Coke and criminal sidekick Horace, who are both from Harlem, stumble onto the Bunker home, no one is home; they had just robbed Morgan's Jewelery Store of an expensive diamond, and had been hiding in the neighborhood. Moments later, a neighbor, Mr. McNabb, calls, trying to alert the Bunkers, that "two jigaboos who robbed the jewelery store were hiding in the neighborhood!", when Coke intercepts the call, posing as the family doctor, "Mr. Black!"

When the Bunkers and Stivics arrive home they tell them "Mr. McNabb, called, trying to alert y'all that "two jigaboos who robbed the jewelery store were hiding in the neighborhood!", When Archie begins to open his mouth in chiding Mike, who introduces himself and Gloria by saying "It's a well known fact that you guys only like to associate with your kind up in Harlem, or wherever", Coke discovers, "Look what we done found here...A genuine, 100%, die-in-the-woods bigot!" When Mike tries to sympathize with them and their "socio-economic situation", Coke then responds "Man, we done found a genuine liberal and an honest to god bigot!"

When the burglars listen to a song Edith won $30.00 from a contest which she entered it in, the two burglars are so touched by the song and also out of "sympathy", of sorts, also, of the financial plight the working-class Bunkers/Stivics look like they are in too, that they change their mind about robbing the home and even leave them their gun!

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