J.A. Preston
J.A. Preston
J.A. Preston appeared on "AITF" as "Black Elmo" Bridgewarter, one of Archie's co-workers at the Pendergast Tool & Die plant, in Season 6.
Personal Information
Birthplace: Washington, D.C., U.S.
Years active: 1971-2006
Character/Series involvement
Series: All In The Family
Episodes appeared in
(and/or) involved with:
"Archie the Donor" (Season 6)
Character played: Elmo Bridgewater
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l J. A. Preston is an African American actor. His credits include performances as Commander, and later Mayor, Ozzie Cleveland on the 1980s television series, Hill Street Blues.[1] J.A. made a guest appearance as Elmo Bridgewater, one of Archie's co-workers at the Pendergast tool and Die plant, in the Season 6 episode of All In The Family titled "Archie the Donor".



  • Henry IV, Part 1 – Delacorte Theater (1968)
  • Henry IV, Part 2 – Delacorte Theater (1968)
  • Freeman – American Place Theatre (1973)[2]


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