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File:704 Hauser opening screen.pngFile:70jefferson 04.jpgFile:ABP Season 1 DVD.jpg
File:ABP episode 1x22 Archie.jpgFile:AITF Episode 2x1 - Saga of Cousin Oscar.jpgFile:AITF Season 1 DVD.jpg
File:AITF Season 2 DVD.jpgFile:AITF Season 3 DVD.jpgFile:AITF Season 4 DVD.jpg
File:AITF Season 5 DVD.jpgFile:AITF Season 6 DVD.jpgFile:AITF Season 7 DVD cover.jpg
File:AITF Season 8 DVD.jpgFile:AITF Season 9 DVD.jpgFile:AITF ep 3x20 - Archie is Branded.png
File:AITF ep 3x20 - Gloria's frightened.jpgFile:AITF ep 3x20 - John Putch as Boy Scout.jpgFile:AITF ep 3x20 - Munson warns Archie about Neo Nazis in the area.png
File:AITF ep 3x20 - Paul laughs at Edith's joke as Archie stifles her.pngFile:AITF ep 3x20 - The Mailman delivers a package.pngFile:AITF ep 6x10 - A sheepish Mike.jpg
File:AITF ep 6x10 - Bernadette Peters as Linda Galloway.jpgFile:AITF ep 6x10 - Mike gets drunk and opens up to Archie.pngFile:Adrienne Barbeau.jpg
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File:All in the Family ep 6x10 - Gloria Suspects Mike.jpgFile:All in the Family episode 6x10 - Archie's hungover.jpgFile:All in the Family episode 6x10 - Gloria Suspects Mike.jpg
File:All in the Family episode 6x10 - Linda comes on to Mike.jpgFile:Allan Melvin autographed.jpgFile:Angelique McCarthy.png
File:Archie Bunker.jpgFile:Archie Bunker 1024px.pngFile:Archie Bunkers Place Opening 640x480.jpg
File:Archie and Edith Opening.pngFile:Archie greets Jo Nelson.pngFile:Archies Brother.jpg
File:Art Metrano.pngFile:Barbara Cason.jpgFile:Barnard-hughes-05.jpg
File:Barney Hefner-Archie AITF.jpgFile:Barry Harman.pngFile:Bea Arthur 2005.jpg
File:Berlinda Tolbert.jpgFile:Bernie West.jpgFile:Betty Garrett.png
File:Beverly LaSalle.pngFile:Bill-Dana.pngFile:Bill-macy-crop.jpg
File:Bill Macy.jpgFile:Billy Halop B&W.jpgFile:Billy Pendergast.png
File:Billy Sands.jpgFile:Blockbuster Chester Byrd.pngFile:Bob Hastings.jpg
File:Bob LaHendro.pngFile:Bobbie Jo Loomis.pngFile:Boom Boom Gloria Mike.png
File:Bud Yorkin.jpgFile:Burt Mustin aveleyman.jpgFile:Burt Styler.jpeg
File:Carol Traynor - Maude.jpgFile:Carol and Maude.jpgFile:Carroll O'Connor.jpg
File:Charles Aidman.jpgFile:Charles Aidman as Louis Willis with Archie AITF.pngFile:Christian Jacobs.png
File:Claire Packer.pngFile:Conrad Bain.pngFile:Corn4 Windom.jpg
File:D'Urville Martin Lionel.jpgFile:Danielle Brisebois.jpgFile:Danielle Brisebois - IMDb.png
File:Danny Dayton.jpgFile:David Brewster.pngFile:Demond-wilson.JPG-12868.jpg
File:Det. Sgt. Perkins and Archie.pngFile:DorisRoberts.jpgFile:Dr. Wynell Thatcher.png
File:EAN-13-ISBN-13.pngFile:EAN-13-ISBN-13.svgFile:Eddie Fraxier AITF.png
File:Edit-copy green.pngFile:Edit-copy green.svgFile:Edith Bunker.jpg
File:Edith Diaz.jpgFile:Edith greets LGBT people.pngFile:Eileen Brennan.jpg
File:Elizabeth Wilson.jpgFile:Elizabeth Wilson as Amelia DeKuyper.pngFile:Ep 3x13 -Archie refuses to press charges.png
File:Ep 3x13 - Al Stellone as Sgt. Chuck Blair.pngFile:Ep 3x13 - Robert Mandan as Mr. Morrison.pngFile:Ep 3x13 - Sgt. Blair and Det. Roselli.png
File:Ep 3x13 - The Taxi Caper.pngFile:Eugene Roche.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:FindAGrave-icon.pngFile:Find A Grave Masthead and Bury Icon.pngFile:Flecha tesela.svg
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File:Gene Blakely as Dr. Shapiro - All In The Family.pngFile:George Bushmill.pngFile:George Irving.jpg
File:George Irving as Russ.pngFile:George Savalas.pngFile:George Weezie AITF.jpg
File:Gloria All In The Family.pngFile:Gloria LeRoy.jpgFile:Gloria title screen.jpg
File:Gordon Whitey Mitchell.jpgFile:Greg Mullavey.jpgFile:Gregory Sierra.png
File:H. Wesley Kenney.pngFile:Hank Pivnik.pngFile:Harvey Lembeck.png
File:Hector Elizondo.pngFile:Helen Willis.pngFile:Henry Fonda Best of AITF.png
File:Henry Jefferson.pngFile:Horace and Duke.pngFile:Hugh Victor Thompson III.png
File:IBDB logo.gifFile:IMDb logo.pngFile:Image Needed.png
File:Image Needed ABP.pngFile:Imbox content.pngFile:Imbox notice.png
File:Imbox speedy deletion.pngFile:Internet Broadway Database Image.jpgFile:Irene Lorenzo.jpg
File:J.A. Preston.jpgFile:J.A. Preston as Black Elmo Bridgewater.pngFile:Jack Grimes.jpg
File:Jack Grimes as Mr. Whitehead.pngFile:Jack Somack.pngFile:James McEachin.gif
File:Janis Paige.jpgFile:Janitor Carlos.pngFile:Jason Wingreen.jpg
File:Jean Stapleton.jpgFile:Jenny Meets Archie.pngFile:Jenny and Helen Willis.png
File:Jerry-Mayer.jpgFile:Joe and Fred Fruge Twins.pngFile:John-rich.jpg
File:JohnAmos.jpgFile:Jonelle Allen.pngFile:Joseph Mascolo.png
File:Judge Frances Mackenzie.pngFile:Kim Hamilton AITF.pngFile:Kim Hamilton Law & Order.png
File:Lee Kalcheim headshot.jpgFile:Len Lesser - IMDb.pngFile:Lennie Weinrib.jpg
File:Lila Garrett.pngFile:Liz Torres 2011.jpgFile:Lori Shannon.png
File:Lou Derman.pngFile:Louis Guss.jpgFile:Lynch-1.jpg
File:Lynette Mettey.jpgFile:Lynette Mettey as Mr. Bennett's secretary AITF.pngFile:Lynne Moody.png
File:Marabel.pngFile:Marcia rodd.jpgFile:Marilyn Sanders.jpg
File:Martin Balsam.jpgFile:Maude All In The Family.pngFile:Maude Cast.jpg
File:Maude Image Needed.jpgFile:Maude Season 1 DVD.jpgFile:Maude Season 2 DVD.jpg
File:Maude Season 3 DVD.jpgFile:Maude Season 4 DVD.jpgFile:Maude Season 5 DVD.jpg
File:Maude Season 6 DVD.jpgFile:Maude TV series opening screen logo.jpgFile:Maude The Complete Series.jpg
File:Maude episode - Doctor, Doctor - Conrad Bain as Arthur.jpgFile:Maura Tierney.jpgFile:Mel Stewart.jpg
File:Michael-conrad-1.jpgFile:Michael Pataki as Sgt. Tony Roselli.pngFile:Mickey-Ross-retouched.jpg
File:Mickey Rose.jpgFile:Mike Evans.jpgFile:Mikes Son.jpg
File:Militant Jack and Archie.pngFile:Milt-Josefsberg.jpgFile:Miss Critchen and Edith.jpg
File:Mother Jefferson meets Archie.jpgFile:Mr. Bushmill.pngFile:Mr. Turner IRS agent.png
File:Mr Quigley and Archie.jpgFile:Munson Archie.pngFile:Murray Klein Archie Bunker.png
File:Norman Lear.jpgFile:Nurse Bernice and Dr. Shapiro.pngFile:Nurse Winslow.png
File:Patrick Cronin - IMDb.pngFile:Paul Benjamin and Archie.pngFile:Paulene Myers.jpg
File:Peggy Rea.jpgFile:Peggy Rea as Bertha Bunker.pngFile:Philip Carey.png
File:Pic promoep070.jpgFile:Pinky Peterson.jpgFile:Placeholder person.png
File:Priscilla-Morrill.jpgFile:RaeAllen.jpgFile:Rae Allen as Amelia DeKuyper.png
File:Renny Temple.pngFile:Rich-Little.jpgFile:Richard-masur 3473195.jpg
File:Richard Dysart.jpgFile:Richard McKenzie.jpgFile:Richard Nixon.jpg
File:Rob Reiner.jpgFile:Robert mandan 2012 12 10.jpgFile:Robin.jpg
File:Roger -Tony Geary - AITF screenshot.pngFile:Ron Friedman.jpgFile:Ron Glass.jpg
File:Roscoe-Lee-Browne-507307-1-402.jpgFile:Rovi Logo.pngFile:Roxie Roker.jpg
File:Rue McClanahan.jpegFile:Rue McClanahan as Vivian.pngFile:Russ and Archie argue.png
File:Ruth McDevitt.jpgFile:Ruth and Curtis Rempley.pngFile:Sally Struthers.jpg
File:Sam and Jack.pngFile:Sammy-davis-archie-bunker-kiss-2.jpgFile:Sammy-davis-jr.jpg
File:Sarafina Mendoza.pngFile:Sgt. Gorsky arrests Archie.pngFile:Sherman Hemsley.jpg
File:Silvestri and Archie.pngFile:Small flag infobox wordmark.pngFile:Solomon Jackson.png
File:Sorrell Booke as General Barker.jpgFile:Sorrell Booke as Lyle Bennett.jpgFile:Sorrell Booke as Mr. Sanders.jpg
File:Stanley Ralph Ross.pngFile:Stephanie AITF.jpgFile:Stephen Manley.png
File:Steve - Philip Carey - AITF screenshot.pngFile:Stretch and Archie.jpgFile:Stuart Henderson.png
File:Susan Harris Academy Television Arts Sciences trQXl3DspKIl.jpgFile:Sybil Gooley.pngFile:Thalmus-Rasulala.jpg
File:The Jeffersons opening title screen.pngFile:Theresa Betancourt.pngFile:Theresa and Brian.png
File:Tom Willis.pngFile:Tommy Kelsey.pngFile:Tony Geary.png
File:Tony Vicino.pngFile:Uncle Cas AITF.jpgFile:Val Bisoglio.jpg
File:Vincent Gardenia.jpgFile:Vinnette Carroll.jpgFile:Wally AITF.png
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