"Mike's Graduation"
Season 4, episode # 24
# 85 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All In The Family" episode
Series: All In The Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date March 16, 1974
Production code
Written by Don Nicholl
Directed by: John Rich
Guest starring
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"Pay The Twenty Dollars" The Bunkers and Inflation (Part 1)
(Season 5 premiere)

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Mikes's Graduation was the 24th and finale episode of the fourth season and the 85th overall episode of All In The Family. The Season 4 episode first aired on CBS-TV on March 16, 1974. Written by Don Nicholl, the episode was directed by John Rich.


Four years of hard work and studying have paid off for Mike, who graduates with a teaching degree. Archie celebrates, but not only for Mike's milestone. Rather, it means Archie can soon see the light at the end of the tunnel ... a time when Mike will get a job and he and Gloria will finally move out of the house..

Plot summaryEdit

Despite his fears and trepidations, Mike passes his final exams and graduates from college. No one is happier than Archie; at long last, Mike will be able to move out of the Bunker household. But Archie's exultation is brief, as it turns out that Mike will neither be gone nor forgotten (and you'll have to see the episode to find out why). Written by Don Nicholl, "Mike's Graduation" originally aired on March 16, 1974, as the final episode of All in the Family's fourth season.

Note: Betty Garrett appears in this episode as Irene Lorenzo.

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