"Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit"
Season 1, episode # 7
# 7 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV / U.S.
Air date February 23, 1971
Production code 107
Teleplay by: Philip Mishkin, Rob Reiner, Don Nicholl & Bryan Joseph
Story by: Philip Mishkin & Rob Reiner
Directed by: John Rich
Guest starring: Jack Bender
Corey Fischer
Jenny Sullivan
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Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit is the seventh episode of the first season, and the seventh overall episode of CBS-TV's All in the Family series, which originally aired on February 23, 1971.

"Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit"
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Mike invites his unmarried hippie friends to spend the night in the Bunker's living room, over Archie's strong objections.

Plot summary

Archie becomes outraged after Mike invites his friends, an unmarried couple, to spend the night in the Bunker's living room, over Archie's strong objections. Worse, yet is that the friend is Paul, who Archie remembers as a nice, clean-cut kid who grew up with Gloria, who once seemingly had dreams of being an electrical engineer, but is now an aimless hippie with long hair.

Just before leaving on a flight to Europe, Mike's hippie friends need a place to stay for the night. Mike invites them to stay in the Bunker's living room, however, Archie vehemently objects, citing that no unmarried couple, being Paul and girlfriend Robin, who never says a word, but, as Paul says only "speaks with her eyes", will spend the night together under his roof! But a night of arguing begins to take its toll on everyone, as the fighting begins to stretch into the early morning hours. When Paul's friend Jeff finally shows up to pick he and Robin up, Jeff is not happy that Paul has brought his girlfriend along, because his father would have the same hang up about their unmarried status as Archie did! Jeff breaks the deal and leaves, leaving Paul and Robin to sleep on the Bunker's couch as planned, much to Archie's bitter chagrin!



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