"No Smoking"
Season 5, episode # 22
# 107 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All In The Family" episode
Series: All In The Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date March 1, 1975
Production code
Written by Lou Derman and Bill Davenport
Directed by: H. Wesley Kenney
Guest starring
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Edith's Friend Mike Makes His Move (Season 5 finale)

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No Smoking was the 22nd episode of the fifth season and the 106th overall episode of All In The Family. It first aired on CBS-TV on February 22, 1975. Written by Lou Derman and Bill Davenport, it was directed by H. Wesley Kenney.


Archie makes a bet that he can go without a cigar longer than Mike can go without eating, making for a very stressful weekend for the Bunkers and the Stivics.

Episode summaryEdit

Archie comes home irritated about a woman who asked him to put out his cigar on an elevator. He argues with Mike and Gloria about the new law about not smoking on elevators, to which Archie sarcasticly blows a "raspberry". In a show of will-power Mike and Archie make a $20 bet. Mike agrees to give up eating for two days if Archie can give up smoking. Suspicious of each other, they sleep in the same bed and drive each other crazy. The next day they drive each other even crazier when Mike reveals all the hiding places where Archie has hidden cigars. Archie then tempts Mike with pudding while Mike tempts Archie with smoking. Finally, Edith puts a stop to the nonsense, by suggesting that Archie light up at the same moment that Mike takes a bite of pudding. Archie cheats and doesn't light the cigar but, while mocking Mike, karma intercedes and he burns his fingers with the match. It is never revealed whether Mike paid Archie the $20.

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