Nurse Bernice
Nurse Bernice and Dr. Shapiro
Bernice with Dr. Shapiro, the Bunker's family doctor, in scene from the "AITF" Season 5 episode "Birth of the Baby:Part 2".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Registered Nurse
Lives with a sister, Nurse Dorothy, who also works in the Presbetryian Hospital as a nurse/admissions clerk
Character information
Appeared on: All In The Family
Episodes appeared in: "Birth of the Baby:Part 2" in Season 5
Character played by: Priscilla Morrill
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Nurse Bernice was a nurse at Presbetryian Hospital in Queens who was a sister of another nurse in the hospital, Nurse Dorothy Winslow, who appears in the Season 5 episode of All In The Family titled Birth of the Baby:Part 2. The part of Bernice was played by veteran character actress Priscilla Morrill, who appeared in three other episodes, in different roles.

About BerniceEdit

When a pregnant with baby Gloria, who is about to go into labor anytime soon, is admitted to a room in the hospital, a grumpy Bernice complains to Dr. Shapiro about which delivery room, A or B, was to be used to deliver the Stivic baby, Mike wonders why the nurse was so mad. Dr. Shapiro explains that she was mad at Nurse Dorothy; the arguement apparently was over Dorothy not wanting Bernice to by liver from the grocery store!

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