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Patrick Cronin made a guest appearance as Brian, the new boyfriend of the Bunkers' temporary boarder/tenant Teresa, in one episode of All in the Family.


Patrick Joseph Cronin


1941 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.


Actor, Acting Coach, Educator

Years active



B.A. of arts, LaSalle University, 1963
M.A. in directing, Temple University, 1968

Appearance on AITF

Season 7 as Brian in the episode titled "The Boarder Patrol".

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Patrick Cronin (born 1941 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) played Brian Schlemmer, the new boyfriend of the Bunkers' temporary boarder/tenant Teresa Betancourt (actress Liz Torres) in the season 7 episode of All in the Family titled "The Boarder Patrol".

A revered stage, television, and film actor, Patrick is perhaps best known for his many guest television appearances spanning over three and a half decades.[1][2][3]

Patrick currently serves as a professor at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee.[4][5] He received his bachelor of arts degree from La Salle University and his master's in directing from Temple University in his hometown of Philadelphia, where he taught for five years. He is the former holder of The Basler Chair and the first holder of the Permanent Artist in Residence position at East Tennessee State University.[6]


Cronin was previously married to New York actress Beatrice Colen from October 23, 1977 until her death on November 18, 1999. with whom he had 2 children, two sons: James Patrick Cronin and Charlie Cronin.[7][8] He is currently married (August 2004 – present), to Amber Kinser Ph.D.


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