Richard McKenzie
Richard McKenzie
Richard McKenzie appeared in two episodes as Archie's younger brother Fred Bunker in All In The Family.
Personal Information
Birthplace: Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S.
Years active: 1961–2002
Character/Series involvement
Series: All in the Family in guest appearances
Episodes appeared in
(and/or) involved with:
"Archie's Brother" in season 8 and "The Return of Archie's Brother" in season 9
Character played: Alfred "Fred" Bunker
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Richard McKenzie (born June 7, 1932) appeared as Alfred "Fred" Bunker, younger brother of Archie Bunker, on the hit CBS-TV sitcom series All in the Family in seasons 8 and 9.

Acting career

Of the many roles he played over the course of his extensive career in film, television and the theatre, McKenzie also the role of Judge Robert McCrary in the film Gideon's Trumpet (1980), as well as roles the films Corvette Summer) (1978), Callie & Son (1981), Dark Night of the Scarecrow, (1981) and In Love and War (1987). Richard also played the role of Father Guarini in the TV movie Child Of Darkness Child Of Light (1991), and the comedy/drama film Some Kind of Hero, where he appeared opposite film co-stars Richard Pryor and Margot Kidder in 1982. [1]

Amongst his many television acting credits include appearances on such popular TV shows as the popular ABC-TV series Three's Company, Grace Under Fire, and Too Close For Comfort, as well as NBC-TV's Highway To Heaven, and The Facts of Life and CBS's The Jeffersons, One Day at a Time, and an appearance on Judging Amy in 2002, which was his last TV appearance to date. McKenzie also appeared in the 1979 NBC-TV miniseries Ike: The War Years, as well as the critically acclaimed, Emmy-Award winning 1977 ABC-TV miniseries Roots as Sam Harvey, former owner of Tom Harvey (George Stanford Brown) an ancestor of Roots author Alex Haley, and his family in Tennessee, which, coincidentally is McKenzie's home state.


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