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Sergeant Gorsky
Sgt. Gorsky arrests Archie
NYPD Sergent Gorsky, who was on duty when Archie was attacked in his taxi by a mugger, pays him a visit at home and then arrests him for illegally owning a pepper spray can in the Season 7 "AITF" episode "Archie's Civil Rights".
Personal Information
Gender: Male
NYPD patrolman
Arrests Archie for possessing pepper spray, which he used on a mugger while driving one of Munson's Cabs; case goes to trial but gets thrown out of court, for Gorsky found the pepper spray while searching the Bunker residence without a warrant
Character information
Appeared on: All In The Family
Episodes appeared in: "Archie's Civil Rights" in Season 7
Character played by: Frank Campanella
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NYPD Sergeant Gorsky was a patrolman/detective who visits Archie at his house after Archie was acosted and then attacked by a mugger in his taxicab, which he drives on the weekends, in the Season 7 episode "Archie's Civil Rights". The part of Sgt. Gorsky is played by veteran character actor Frank Campanella, who also appeared in Season 3 as Detective Sgt. Perkins in the AITF episode "Archie Sees a Mugging"'.

About the NYPD SergeantEdit

Sgt. Gorsky, a patrolman, pays Archie a visit at home. After searching the Bunker living room, he finds the pepper spray in a drawer, then arrests him for illegally possessing the spray and for using it on a mugger who attacked him when he entered his taxicab, which in New York State, is technically still a criminal offense. Anyhow, when the case, which went to trial, is heard by Judge Frances MacKenzie (Paulene Myers), she learns that in searching the Bunker living room without a search warrant, Officer Gorsky violated Archie's civil rights, which moved her to throw the case out of court. 

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