"The Saga of Cousin Oscar"
Season 2, episode # 1
# 14 overall in series (205 episodes)
AITF Episode 2x1 - Saga of Cousin Oscar
Archie trying to negotiate "cheap" burial arrangements with Whitehead of Whitehead Bros. Mortuary for his deadbeat cousin, who dies while staying in the Bunker house in "The Saga of Cousin Oscar" in Season 2 of AITF.
"All In The Family" episode
Series: All In The Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date September 18, 1971
Production code 202
Written by Teleplay by: Burt Styler and Norman Lear
Story by: Burt Styler
Directed by: John Rich
Guest starring Will B. Able
Jack Grimes
Peggy Rea
William "Billy" Benedict
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"The First and Last Supper"
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"Gloria Poses in the Nude"

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The Saga of Cousin Oscar is the season opening episode of Season 2 of the CBS-TV series All In The Family, and the 14th overall series episode. Scripted as a teleplay by Burt Styler and Norman Lear from an original story written by Styler the episode originally aired on September 18, 1971.

Season 2 commenced with yet another taboo-banning episode which dared to turn a subject as serious as death into a joke.


Archie's freeloading cousin, Oscar, dies in the guest room. Archie and Mike host an impromptu wake in their home, as they ponder whether to hold a funeral service or simply dispose of Oscar's body.

Plot summaryEdit

No one in the Bunker family can put up with the freeloading cousin Oscar, least of all Archie. Just as he is eating the Bunkers out of house and home, Oscar (who is never seen on camera) unexpectedly passes away. Archie and Mike are left to ponder their options on what to do with Oscar's body, have a funeral or simply dispose of it in a potter's field.

Thus, after Oscar has the audacity to drop dead in Archie and Edith's upstairs bedroom, poor Arch is stuck with the option of having to hold a wake -- and pay for the funeral expenses, at the insistent behest of relatives -- as well as to try to give the encumbering, scrounging Oscar a eulogy.

Recurring cast/charactersEdit

Guest starrringEdit

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