"The Taxi Caper"
Season 4, episode # 13
# 74 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All In The Family" episode
Series: All In The Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date December 8, 1973
Production code
Written by Dennis Klein
Directed by: John Rich and Bob LaHendro
Guest starring
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The Taxi Caper was the 13th episode of the fourth season and the 74th overall episode of All In The Family. The Season 4 episode first aired on CBS-TV on December 8, 1973. The episode was written by Dennis Klein and was co-directed by John Rich and Bob LaHendro.


Archie is robbed while driving Munson's cab, and finds himself at odds with a corrupt politician who doesn't want him to report the crime.


While moonlighting as a cab driver, Archie is held up and robbed of 50 dollars. At first, he insists upon prosecuting his assailant to the full extent of the law -- in fact, he'd be thrilled if armed robbery was a hanging offense. But an unexpected plot twist involving a prominent politician places an entirely new perspective on the situation. The supporting cast includes future Soap star Robert Mandan as Morrison.

Note: Robert Mandan appears as Mr. Morrison; Al Stellone appears as NYPD Sgt. Chuck Blair.

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