"The Threat"
Season Three, episode # 3
# 40 overall in series (209 episodes)
Series: All In The Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV
Air date September 30, 1972
Production code
Written by Teleplay by: Lila Garrett & Michael Elias
Story by: Bill Manhoff and Lila Garrett & Michael Elias
Directed by: Norman Campbell
Guest starring
IMDB The Threat
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The Threat is the third episode of the third season and the 40th overall episode of All In The Family. The Season 2 episode first aired on CBS-TV on September 30, 1972. Directed by Norman Campbell, the story was written by Bill Manhoff and Lila Garrett & Michael Elias; the teleplay was also written by Garrett and Elias.

Note: Episode features Gloria LeRoy, who would later play Mildred "Boom Boom" Turner in a few episodes during later seasons.


The wife of Archie's old war buddy, Duke Loomis, arrives for a visit. Make that the second, much younger wife of Archie's old wartime friend. Edith begins to worry when Archie seems a little too cordial with the woman.


Gloria Le Roy guest stars as Bobby Jo, the much-younger wife of the man whose life Archie saved during WWII. When Bobby Jo pays a visit to the Bunker household, Archie falls over himself being uncommonly gracious and hospitable. Naturally, he insists that his behavior is borne of friendship -- but Edith doesn't quite see things that way.

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