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Theresa Betancourt
Theresa Betancourt
Theresa Betancourt (Liz Torres) is a hospital admissions clerk who temporarily becomes the Bunker maid/housekeeper in Seasons 6-7 of "All In The Family".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Hospital Admissions Clerk
Temporary Housekeeper/Maid for the Bunkers
hospital admissions clerk who temporarily becomes the Bunker maid/housekeeper in order to earn extra money
Character information
Appeared on: All In The Family
Episodes appeared in: Seven episodes in Seasons 6-7
Character played by: Liz Torres
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Theresa Betancourt was the Bunker's Puerto Rican boarder in seven episodes in seasons 6 and 7 of All In The Family. The part of Theresa was played by actress Liz Torres. Theresa, who rents a room in the Bunkers' house, participating in X-Ray technichian training classes at the hospital where she was employed as an admissions clerk, at the same time trying to break away from a boyfriend Hector, who is never seen on camera.

About TheresaEdit

Theresa, who first meets the Bunkers, then working as a hospital admissions clerk at the hospital which Archie went into for a kidney stone operation the episode "Archie's Operation: Part 1", presents a foil to Archie similar to that of the Jefferson's maid, Florence Johnston served as on another AITF spinoff series The Jeffersons to co-star character George Jefferson, in that Theresa offered some snappy comments and retorts to Archie's bigoted comments and jokes about her Spanish accent! Archie reluctantly agrees with Edith, who had quickly become friends with Theresa, to allow her to take Mike and Gloria's old upstairs bedroom. By the time of the episode "Mr. Edith Bunker", Theresa, who by this time has broken up with Hector and is dating a white man, Brian Schlemmer (Patrick Cronin), whose presence she must hide from Archie, when she invites him "home" to the Bunker residence, and eventually to the upstairs bedroom to have a nightcap!

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