Tommy Kelsey
Tommy Kelsey
In seasons 1-6, Bob Hastings played the part of "Kelsey", bartender / owner of Kelcy's Bar.




Bartender / Owner of Kelcy's Bar (seasons 1-8)

Also known as

Tommy Kelcy

Character played by

Bob Hastings (seasons 1-6)
Frank Maxwell 1 episode, "Archie Gets the Business", in season 8

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Tommy Kelsey (a.k.a. Tommy Kelcy), or simply "Kelsey", was the bartender / owner of Kelcy's Bar on All in the Family from seasons 1-8.

Veteran character actor Bob Hastings originally played the character, whose last name was spelled "Kelcy" in the first season before it became "Kelsey" in seasons 2 through 6. Hastings made his last appearance in season 6.

The character re-appears once more in season 8 in the season-opening, two-part episode "Archie Gets the Business" (Season 8, episode 1, part 1), with veteran actor Frank Maxwell assuming the role of "Kelcy". In that episode, Kelcy (in declining health) decides to retire and sell the bar to the first taker: Archie.