"Writing the President"
Season 1, episode # 2
# 2 overall in series (205 episodes)
"All in the Family" episode
Series: All in the Family
Network/Country: CBS-TV nt
Air date January 19, 1971
Production code 102
Teleplay by: Paul Harrison, Lennie Weinrib & Norman Lear
Story by: Lee Erwin & Fred Freiberger
Directed by: John Rich
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Writing the President is the second episode aired during the first season of All in the Family, and also the second overall series episode. Directed by John Rich, and scripted by Paul Harrison, Lennie Weinrib, and Norman Lear from a story by Lee Erwin and Fred Freiberger, it first aired on CBS-TV on January 19, 1971. Though withdrawn from CBS' daytime rerun package of All in the Family at the request of producer Lear (who felt that Archie's behavior was ridiculous even for him), the episode has since been restored to the series' syndicated package.
"Writing the President"
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Archie learns that Mike has written to President Nixon to criticize his policies. So Archie takes pen in hand and writes his own letter of praise.

Plot summary

The ultra liberal Mike, who is very critical of President Nixon's policies, has decided to let his views known to him by writing a letter to the White House. When Archie learns of "The Meathead's" intentions, he takes pen in hand and starts to write his own letter of praise to the Commander In Chief. "Dear Mr. President...Your Honor...Sir..." -- and Archie even dons a clean shirt and tie for the occasion.



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